Raw From China 3 – Reel 2 Reel Records – ’92 Cracking Rare Early 1992 UK Jungle Techno/ Breakbeat Hardcore White Label 12″ Record

For Sale:

This is a rare but brilliant classic piece of UK Breakbeat Hardcore/ Jungle Techno from 1992. Both tracks on this white label 12″ are huge monster tunes, one happy and one very deep, dark with an excellent bassline.

This is called – as far as I can find out – Raw From China 3 by Raw From China.

I am not sure who made this record but it says Reel 2 Reel Records and Share Records on the ITV Telethon ’92 label. The other side is just a white label. It also says Graphite Tour Management and G String Distribution.

I have no more information on this as it is a white label promo but it is a classic and superb piece of early 90s rave.

12″ record has two tracks. Both tracks were recorded just before listing and have not been played since recording. You can decide whether you like the tracks and wish to bid on them plus you can listen to the actual quality of the vinyl itself.