Officers Attacked At An Illegal Rave Free Party (The Taking of Acid 303 Mix)

The title might seem a little misleading if you came here to read about Police Officers being attacked by ravers at an illegal free rave party in Essex however, there is a thread of truth to it.

There was a news report talking about the attack on Essex Police Officers at an illegal free rave and that news report was sampled and added to a real barn storming Acid Techno track which appears in this dirty and dark Acid Techno mix by DJ Paul Elemental.

I decided that I wanted to add this pumping mix to the site because it is incredible… that’s it. Sorry if you wanted to see pictures of British Bobbies being bombarded with bottles (trying saying that when you are drunk lol) however I have shared this instead… scores of Bobbies stood waiting outside The Pleasure rooms, Tottenham High road , Memory Lane & Labrynth way back in the early 1990s.

bobbies at a rave

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