Integrated Circuits – Yip! Rare 1993 Acid Techno On Grey 10″ Record on Labworks UK



Some kind fella on Facebook has informed me that the unlabeled and unnamed grey  10″ record is a LabworksUK record which came out in November 1993.

Produced by Integrated Circuits and the 3 tracks are called Yip!, Beware and Time Mode

Original Text:  “What can I say about this record?

Absolutely nothing as I know nothing about it. Well I know that I bought it sometime in the early half of the 1990s and that it is 10 inches big and grey but I do not know what label it is or who produced the music.

All I can tell you is that it is acid, more acid techno than acid house. Possibly German but that is all I can say.”

Rare 1990s Acid Techno

There are 3 crackin’ mad acid techno tunes in total.

All 3 tracks recorded before selling, you can hear them below to judge for yourself whether you like them and the quality of the tracks.

All 3 tracks are on this 10 inch record.

EBay listing:

Unnamed No Label Rare 90s Acid Techno On Grey 10″ Record Probably German Acid