• 88 Acid House Mix – The Spirit Of 88This is my Spirit of 1988 mix with plenty of the best Acid House tracks of that era made by the Acid House Legends from the USA, UK & Europe.
  • About AndirooI won’t go in to too much detail but as you can tell my name is Andi and I have been known for years as Andiroo…
  • Acid House: Where Did it All Start?Acid House: Where Did it All Start? The History of The AcidHouse.
  • Old Skool Rave ClassicsA collection of old skool rave classics
  • Classic Bad Boy Bill MixA classic 1988 Bad Boy Bill Mix from Chi Town radio WBMX
  • Orbital Mix Sheffield 2009Orbital Live In sheffield 2009 20th Anniversary Come Back Tour great classic live performance.
  • acid mixes
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Welcome to my twisted world of acidic related electronica… bleeps and beats, big beats and deep ‘n’ dark filthy analogue synth sounds that will either give you a stiffy or make you shit your bad ass pants… old skool, nu skool whatever you like, acid house music, deep techno, old rave, acid techno or nu hardcore I lurve it all more than a fat twat loves cake… pizza… KFC…. you get the drift….

Where did it all start? The History of The AcidHouse

Acidhouse creator DJ Pierre deep technoUniversiy Park, a suburb of Chicago laying about an hour away from the city itself, home to a kid calling himself DJ Pierre. A kid who is to become the creator of one of the greatest music the world has ever known. A sound that started a musical revolution worldwide, which resulting in the second summer of love in 1988.

DJ Pierre’s friend Spanky ( Earl Smith Jr) introduced him to ‘The music box’. A gay underground nightclub in Chicago where the resident DJ Ron Hardy was playing old and new tunes together but not just playing them he was mixing them into each other and changing the feel of the music by bringing in and dropping out beats, basslines and other elements… To read more Click Here

So For Starters… have some of this…. Deep Techno and Acid House Music in a 25 min ‘Orbital’ style live flow…

‘The pH-rantic mix’ – Andiroo