Acid House Music: Ten Of The Best Tracks

Ok yes before you get debating whether these are the ten best acid house tunes around let me say that this is not the top ten list of acid house tracks, they are not even my favourite ten they are simply ten of my favourite acid tracks.

You see when I started to compile this list I would find that some of the tunes I wanted in this list were not on YouTube so I couldn’t share them. As yet I was unable to find a copy of Acid Rout by Phuture which is a storming acid house classic. I guess I need to dig out my old acid house records and start uploading many of the classics from the Acid House Legends myself.

Also when I start to think of other tunes I realise how great they are and that they should be in the top ten, which means that there are far too many tunes to be in a top ten so this is simply a list of ten of the best. You get me?

So here are ten of the best original acid house tunes of the 1980s. Enjoy

Acid House Music: Ten Of The Best Tracks

Got The Bug – Pierre’s Phuture Pfantasy Club

The Twilight Zone – Party Boy

Have A Nice Day – S’Express

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Predator- Charm

Downfall – Armando

Mix It Up – Acid Fingers

Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (acid mix) –  Hithouse

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Acid Over (Exclusive FFRR Mix) – Tyree

Get Real (SINISTER MIX) – Paul Rutherford

This Is Acid (S&T mix) – Maurice

As I say, there are many more excellent tunes around and I intend to bring you them in the Phuture… 🙂 Did you see what I did there?  Long live the acid house. Aciiieeeed

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