About Andiroo

I won’t go in to too much detail but as you can tell my name is Andi and I have been known for years as Andiroo…

My love for all styles of Acid House Music and Deep Techno started like many others in the late 1980s… House was slowly creeping into the music scene of the UK in 1987 and by the summer of 1988 I was hooked.

Aged just 14 I was listening to and hunting down as much Acid as I could which wasn’t as easy as it is these YouTube … Facebook … iTunes … mp3 downloads and ‘Google it’ glory days of today…

Coming from a small town in rural Lincolnshire … I had to rely on BBC Radio1’s awesome ‘Big Beat’ show with the legendary Jeff Young, the late great John Peel radio show, the local record shop and a few TV shows like the BBC 2’s ‘Behind The Beat’.

I was unfortunately too young and too far away to go to the early Acid House Parties….

But that didn’t kill the passion… I, like many others of my generation, evolved deeper into the dance music scene which grew and branched out into rave, jungle, drum ‘n’ bass, trance and hardcore etc…

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I do not make much music these days but what I have made will be on this site in the future and I have allowed some YouTube users to use my music in several videos such as the Alien TV channel.

Many of the tracks have come from my two albums as seen below. The Journey was briefly available to buy on Tunecore in 2006 but The Acid Factory was never released for sale. Some of the tracks are found here on this site, on my Soundcloud account and on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy them… if not… then never mind 🙂

An Old Skool Acid House mix for you to enjoy while you are here.