Acid House Music: Ten Of The Best Tracks

Ok yes before you get debating whether these are the ten best acid house tunes around let me say that this is not the top ten list of acid house tracks, they are not even my favourite ten they are simply ten of my favourite acid tracks.

You see when I started to compile this list I would find that some of the tunes I wanted in this list were not on YouTube so I couldn’t share them. As yet I was unable to find a copy of Acid Rout by Phuture which is a storming acid house classic. I guess I need to dig out my old acid house records and start uploading many of the classics from the Acid House Legends myself.

Also when I start to think of other tunes I realise how great they are and that they should be in the top ten, which means that there are far too many tunes to be in a top ten so this is simply a list of ten of the best. You get me?

So here are ten of the best original acid house tunes of the 1980s. Enjoy

Acid House Music: Ten Of The Best Tracks

Got The Bug – Pierre’s Phuture Pfantasy Club

The Twilight Zone – Party Boy

Have A Nice Day – S’Express

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Predator- Charm

Downfall – Armando

Mix It Up – Acid Fingers

Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (acid mix) -  Hithouse

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Acid Over (Exclusive FFRR Mix) – Tyree

Get Real (SINISTER MIX) – Paul Rutherford

This Is Acid (S&T mix) – Maurice

As I say, there are many more excellent tunes around and I intend to bring you them in the Phuture… :-) Did you see what I did there?  Long live the acid house. Aciiieeeed

Acid House Legend Josh Wink Live at Balaton Sound Festival Hungary

I found this excellent mix while surfing YouTube the other day, from legendary Chicago Acid House Legend Josh Wink, this is a live set recoded from the Balaton Sound Festival in Hungary October 2011. Two years old and I only just heard it.

The mix starts with the awesome Fast Eddie acid baseline which sounds to have be sampled, re made into another awesome track. But keep listening for the acid lines around 16 minutes in, simply squealchtastic my friends.  Enjoy

The Universal Big Bang Was Born From Acid House Music!!

"acid house"

Acid House Music Mix 1988 Bad Boy Bill Chicago Legend

Bad Boy Bill Mix 1988 – Freestyle House - Acid House"acid house"

While I sat writing at work I found this awesome classic mix from one of Chi Towns legendary house music pioneers. This is a recording taken from the now non existent radio station WBMX. Bad Boy Bill here mixing up some pure old school house tunes with some classic Acid House tracks. At a pretty fast and funky speed for 1988 this mix is exciting and I wish it was in high quality so it could be enjoyed better.

This is proper old school Chicago house and I just know you will love this! Enjoy folks.

Bad Boy Bill began his DJ career in 1985 working alongside Mike ‘Hitman’ Milson and Julian ‘Jumpin’ Perez of the famouse WBMX DJ team known as the Hot Mix 5. His popularity grew when he began to DJ at parties in and around Chicago and its suburbs. He came close to winning the DMC Mixing championships several times. Bad Boy Bill recorded Bill’s Bangin’ The Box mix series which has become one of the best selling series in dance music history with five volumes. There was also an offshoot of this series titled Bangin in London released in 2000.


"acid house"

Acid House classic mix Armando from WBMX radio Chicago

This is a classic and very rare mix from the late and legendary Acid House Godfather "acid house" Armando on the legendary Chicago radio station WBMX. I found this while at work on Soundcloud. This is so good it needed to be shared.

I wished I lived in Chicago at this time, however I might have missed out on a lot of the classic British Acid House music and the stuff coming out of Europe but I only had the Jeff Young Big Beat Show on Radio 1to get my fix of quality Acid and Techno in 1988. To be listening to this stuff mixed like it is from the legends of Acid House regularly must have been awesome!

I also only found out this week that the legend Armando who is responsible for several of my favourite Acid House tunes died of Leukaemia in 1997! So I share this awesome mix in his memory and say Rest In Peace Armando. Your music entertained and inspired my mind for years!

Daft Punk Alive 2007 (Full Live Set)

While working I came across this little gem, you can’t beat a bit of Daft Punk, this is the live recording from 2007, it is hard to believe it is 5 years ago! But when you hear the classics from the Homework album then remember that was around 15 years ago then I start to feel old!

I know you are going to enjoy this, crank up your speakers and dance!!

Doncaster Warehouse BYO Night

Here is a blast from the past, mid 1990s, we did several journeys over to Doncaster to the Donny Wharehouse where the nights BYO were  held. Awesome early hardcore raves. In those days just after the Acid House Parties the music evolved into a mix of various styles, 4×4 beats, breaks, the DJs would play house, jungle (before it evolved into DnB) rave which was techno and acid combinations.  They all had similar speeds so it was an excellent mix.

The video above is with M-Zone a regular and organiser of the BYO nights I believe. He is responsible for uploading this security camera recording of the club to YouTube. He was joined by fellow regular DJ 007 who is also on this tape. M-Zone has performed across the world but I am sure even he will admit that no other night or club was ever as good as the feeling of the local scene that was growing in and around the BYO nights.


Enjoy the video, enjoy the TRIP down memory lane lol, enjoy the classic music.


Sample Of My Tunes…..Enjoy

acid house music deep technoThe World Of The LSD User

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I’m Gonna Take You

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Acid Pleasure

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The pH-Rantic Mix, Orbital live in Sheffield and my tunes Meditations, Acid ph-reak, Land Of Mushrooms and Darkside in all their full length glory!